Sunday, July 17, 2011

This is what a visual CV looks like

Want one like this?: Visual CV/Resume/Lebenslauf


  1. Hi Ellen, can you give us some background information about the idea behind a visual CV. What is the basic intention of it? Thanks Torsten

  2. Thanks for asking!
    A visual CV is a sales tool. It is used as an attention-getter in the public or social arena. This highly graphic medium is used as a representation of your skills, experience or product/service and reflects your personality based on the character of the target firm. If used for a job, it can accompany a traditional CV/Resume, or be a standalone. If used as a sales tool, it is an excellent alternative or support of your brochures and flyers. It will deepen the interest of the firm you are targeting.
    Contact and I'll get you started on your own personal version!